Multifamily Utility Bill Auditing Project

Garden Inn & Suites
Homeless Shelter

Jamaica, NY

Project Description
Garden Inn and Suites was a hotel that was converted to a Homeless Shelter for those in need, with no other place to call home. Garden Inn Homeless Shelter provides a warm and safe haven, for men, women, and families. Garden Inn Homeless Shelter provides its residents with safety and protection from exposure to the elements, while remaining focused on reducing the environmental impact on the community.

GreenLight has been working with this facility for a number of years, providing them with a number of energy efficiency services, including energy-efficient Lighting Upgrades, Water Conservation, and Utility Bill Auditing. During these challenging times, Garden Inn Homeless Shelter was looking for additional ways to reduce its operating costs. Every dollar saved is another dollar that can be invested in social services to help the less fortunate. Garden Inn Homeless Shelter engaged GreenLight’s Utility Bill Auditing Services to identify any savings opportunities. The auditing team conducted a comprehensive utility audit and successfully identified an area of savings in which the utility provider had been overcharging. GreenLight successfully obtained a retroactive refund for these overcharges.





Total Refunds $32,190.24

“GreenLight not only delivered great results, they also care to make a difference in our community.”
– Abe Appel