Hyatt Project

Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Two Fountain Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14202

Project Description
The Hyatt Regency is located in downtown Buffalo, NY, in the heart of the business, entertainment, and dining districts. Perfect for business and leisure travelers, the hotel is connected to the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, and the ideal destination for corporate meetings, conferences, and trade shows.
The Hyatt Regency Buffalo approached Green Light with the goals of modernizing the lighting systems throughout their property and at the same time to reduce their carbon footprint. We assessed the existing lighting and worked to achieve the ambiance they maintain for their guests. We created a design that would upgrade the existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting to LED, all the while working closely with the local utility company to maximize the available grants. Once everything was in place, we purchased the lighting systems and oversaw the installation process to ensure complete compliance with the program requirements.


Rebate $96,620
Annual Energy Savings [$] $53,422.40
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 485,658
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Acres of Trees Planted
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid

“We now have beautifully lit spaces for our guests, at only a fraction of the energy. Thank you Green Light for a fantastic job!”
– Mikhail Melnitski,
Chief Engineer