Healthcare Utility Bill Auditing Project

Monarch Healthcare

Project Description

Monarch Healthcare was created to change the way healthcare is delivered to an aging population in need. Since acquiring its first facility in 2015, Monarch has provided a full range of skilled nursing and assisted living services. Its focus on Quality Care and Customer Service has made Monarch Healthcare system the preferred short and long-term care provider in Minnesota.
Monarch chose GreenLight to review its utility spend, as GreenLight’s business model resonated well with Monarch’s vision. The contingency-based fee structure to review and correct utility bills made it a win-win opportunity. GreenLight’s utility bill specialists conducted a rigorous audit on Monarch Healthcare’s electric, gas, water, and sewer bills, and were successful in identifying multiple opportunities and implementing corrections. To date, GreenLight has been providing services to Monarch Healthcare for over five years, and Monarch continues to reap the benefits.






Total Refunds $177,117.32
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“At Monarch Healthcare, we put an emphasis on operating efficiently. Working with GreenLight assists us in achieving this goal.”
– Norm Jaffa
Executive Vice President


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