Energy Auditing & Design

Harness today’s advanced engineering and technology to realize financial gain and energy sustainability.

Some clients may consider sophisticated technological solutions that go beyond the basics of replacing fixtures and repairing inefficient systems. Green Light offers unsurpassed Energy Auditing and Engineering Services by our own team of professional engineers. Our clients receive the ultimate consultation services from our experienced site engineering team. This division specializes in comprehensive audits as well as complex energy-efficiency projects and innovative solutions. The audits enable more complicated installations to qualify for utility and government incentives that are limited to such custom projects; they would otherwise only be eligible for the less generous prescriptive programs.
The exhaustive audit includes as many or few areas as each client requests, and are valuable at any stage of a project, whether planning or installation. The comprehensive scope of options encompasses the full spectrum of today’s advanced engineering possibilities.

GreenLight specializes in providing benchmarking, NYC Local Law 87 Compliance, NYC local law 84 Compliance!

Some of the services provided by our energy auditing team include:

  • Energy Auditing at all levels: ASHRAE levels 1 thru 3 of commercial, industrial, healthcare, data center. and multifamily facilities
  • Energy Modeling in eQuest
  • Water auditing and analysis, storm water modeling in SWMM
  • Combined Heat and Power Engineering Analyses
  • Renewable Energy Analyses: Wind, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Biofuels
  • Fuel Cell Energy Analyses
  • Energy Storage Analyses
  • NJ Pay for Performance: Existing Buildings and New Construction
  • NYSERDA FlexTech
  • NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP)
  • NJ Home Performance with Energy Star – BPI Accredited Contractor

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