Water Conservation

LAST UPDATED: 6/20/2022

Units Retrofitted to date: 309,776

Water is typically wasted one drop at a time, but invariably adds up to significant costs.

GreenLight’s Water Conservation Division begins with an audit and on-site assessment (as necessary) of each client’s water usage history, as well as the efficiency of their fixtures and systems. A typical case in point, is faucets with high flow-rates. Most sinks are equipped with 2 gallon-per-minute faucets, while this may be ideal for a custodian filling a bucket, it is overkill for an individual washing his hands. Such oversights can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of gallons wasted annually depending on the quantity of fixtures and the average usage. In addition to water costs, inefficient plumbing systems increase fuel costs as well, as more energy is wasted on heating domestic hot water. Inefficient toilet fixtures, or leaking toilet components, are another leading cause of wasted water. Upon completion of the water conservation installation, the Water Conservation team presents a comprehensive and user friendly report with a detailed description of the inefficiencies that were remedied. [Scroll down to view sample report] These remedies often include structural plumbing modifications and installation of water-efficient fixtures. GreenLight manufactures water-efficient fixtures that are engineered to provide the perfect balance of comfort and velocity while realizing savings. An analysis of case histories, reveals that virtually every client assessed by GreenLight’s Water Conservation team had been losing significantly due to preventable losses.

GreenLight’s in-house staff provides the necessary modifications as per the client’s request.

After completion of the project, GreenLight offers follow-up monitoring of utility bills to determine that savings are being realized, and to alert clients of any irregularities that may develop.

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