Industrial Newspaper Printing Facility

NY Post / Dow Jones

900 East 132nd St
Bronx, NY 10454

Project Description
The NY Post printing facility in the Bronx, NY, turns out thousands of newspapers on a daily basis for delivery throughout New York City and beyond. The plant is owned by the NY Post’s parent company, News Corp, a multi-billion-dollar media conglomerate that operates newspapers, television, and radio throughout the globe. GreenLight built a strategic relationship with the NY Post in order to assist them with the energy costs at the plant and thereby allow them to maintain their edge in the ultra-competitive New York City media market.
A – Lighting
Green Light conducted an in-depth survey of the entire printing facility with a focus on opportunities with the quickest return on investment. From our audit, we found that the interior lighting primarily consisted of fluorescent T8 tubes. Green Light designed and provided the LED tubes for the upgrade. The exterior lighting consisted of metal halide fixtures. Green Light designed, provided and was responsible for the installation of the LED replacement flood lights, wall packs and pole lights.
B – Engineering
Green Light’s engagement with The NY Post entailed comprehensive energy efficiency consulting and energy code compliance. We completed an in depth energy efficiency and retro-commissioning study to provide NYC Local Law 87 compliance and oversaw the implementation of the recommendations . Our in house PE directed the entire project and filed all necessary paperwork to ensure compliance.


Rebate $89,237.18
Annual Energy Savings [$] $46,908.62
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 390,905.1
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Acres of Trees Planted
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed
in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid