Healthcare Utility Bill Auditing Project

CareRite Centers

NY • NJ • PA • OH • FL • TN

Project Description
CareRite Centers is a group of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities throughout the East Coast.
After CareRite Centers completed a rigorous in-house audit of their Utility and Energy spend, they engaged GreenLight’s Utility Bill Auditing Services. GreenLight reviewed all of CareRite’s Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric, Oil, and Propane bills. With our extensive experience on how to navigate the complexity of utility bills, and our detailed understanding of State and Municipal law, Utility tariffs, riders, code, and regulations, we successfully secured refunds totaling $58,342. These savings are in addition to the ongoing savings which they will benefit as a result of our corrections.





Total Refunds $58,342.24
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“GreenLight’s entire auditing process was non invasive, and did not burden our office staff. I am quite impressed with GreenLight’s analytical skills. We realized significant savings as a result.”
– Yossie Zucker


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