Centers for Care Lighting Energy Savings and Equipment Rebates

Centers for Specialty Care Group

Project Description
Centers for Specialty Care Group (Centers for Care) manages 23 facilities throughout the state of New York and New Jersey that provides rehabilitative and nursing support for all types of patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Their facilities have significant utility bills expenses to maintain comfortable environments for their patients and staff.
GreenLight worked with Centers for Care to retrofit their aging T12 linear fluorescent lamps with new high efficiency lamps as well as complete fixture replacements with LED Troffers. The new fixtures significantly increased the cash flow at these facilities and their profitability. GreenLight secured rebates to pay for the majority of the project costs such that the lighting projects realized a return on investment in less than 1 year.
Rebates Project Description
GreenLight’s rebate team also consulted with the Center’s for Care team on the best way to take advantage of existing rebate programs for their other capital plans. GreenLight secured rebates for food service and HVAC equipment throughout their facilities as tabulated:


Facility Annual Electricity Savings (KWH) Rebate Annual Utility Bill Savings ($)
Boro Park Center 532,252 $97,405 $95,805
Richmond Center 262,985.90 $44,216 $39,447.89
Bayley Seton Hospital 383,952.96 $60,400 $57,592.94
Williamsbridge Manor 16,606.08 $4,217.76 $2,490.91
Rome, Chittenango and Fulton 548,049 $48,809 $82,207.35
Bronx Center 27,172 $3,260.64 $4,075.80

“We’ve been working with Greenlight for a number of years, and they have performed projects in many of our facilities. They have been a pleasure to deal with, and I have found them to be honest and professional.”
– Avi Katz
Director of Contracts and Vendor Integrity