Ocean Healthcare

Ocean Healthcare

Project Description
Ocean Healthcare is a management company that provides a diverse group of healthcare services across more than 15 facilities throughout the state of New Jersey. Their patients rely on them not only for direct healthcare services but also the maintenance of their buildings to the highest standard. All of this must be accomplished in a cost-effective manner.
GreenLight worked with Ocean Healthcare to improve the energy efficiency and utility costs of their facilities while ensuring that the warm ambiance for which Ocean Healthcare prides itself was maintained. GreenLight’s lighting team surveyed the facilities tabulated above noted their existing lighting fixtures in detail. Energy efficient LED replacements were specified with care taken to ensure that the color temperature, color rendition index (CRI) and overall aesthetics meshed well with the areas they were installed. GreenLight took the projects through the local incentive programs to obtain rebates that paid for a significant portion of the total project cost. The total energy savings and rebates together ensured that the projects had a return on investment of less than 1 year.


Project Annual Electricity Savings (KWH) Annual Utility Bill Savings ($)
County Manor 9,000 $1,350
Atlantic Coast 43,000 $6,450
Elmora Hills 135,000 $20,250
Hamilton Grove 41,000 $6,150
Hampton Ridge 47,000 $7,050
Rolling Hills 87,421 $13,113.15
South Mountain 123,788 $19,806.08
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