Nursing Home Lighting Energy Savings

Long Island Assisted Living

431 Beach 20th St
Far Rockaway, NY

Project Description
GreenLight worked with Long Island Assisted Living, a 225 bed, 5 story, 24/7 health care facility, to lower their energy bills. Long Island Assisted Living meets the needs of clients with a wide range of medical conditions ranging from Respiratory Care to Dementia. Their patients are dependent on adequate building systems for their comfort and health.
GreenLight came in to solve the financial and quality of life issues created from antiquated lights that were maintenance burden, unattractive, and causing high electricity bills. The existing T12 fluorescent fixtures and incandescent lamps were replaced with new high efficiency LED lights. The whole project required a complete rewiring of the existing setup in certain parts of the building. GreenLight obtained rebates from the state government agencies that paid for more than 65% of the total project cost and helped the project produce a return on investment in less than 1 year.


Annual Utility Bill Savings $40,000
Annual Energy Savings [kWh] 200,000
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed [lbs] 311,094
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed in Terms of Equivalent Trees Planted 3,618
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed in Terms of Cars Removed from the Road 29
Annual CO2 Emissions Removed in Terms of Homes Removed from the Grid 21
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