Hospitality Utility Bill Auditing Project

Atrium Hospitality

12735 Morris Rd Ext #400
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Project Description
Atrium Hospitality is a leading hotel and asset management company overseeing a portfolio of full service and select service hotels under the Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Wyndham, as well as independent flags, out of its Deerfield Point headquarters in Alpharetta, GA. Atrium Hospitality also provides asset management and accounting services to several other hotel debt and equity investment ownership groups.

GreenLight is a perfect match with the Atrium Hospitality philosophy of constantly double- checking each invoice and exploring new ways to reduce operating costs. The majority of Atrium’s portfolio consists of hotels located across the country. Being that each local utility has its own set of tariffs and rate classes, an individualized approach is required.

GreenLight’s auditors began the painstaking process of analyzing each charge on each utility bill for accuracy, identifying billing errors and other savings opportunities. GreenLight effectuated the necessary changes, resulting in a substantial reduction in operating costs for Atrium. GreenLight has shown tremendous success to date and is still in the process of identifying additional credits and savings opportunities for many locations.





Total Refunds $214,254.29

“GreenLight has proven to be a valuable vendor to us. Very well worth the relatively short time we spend with them.”
– Joe Kelly,
SVP Operations